Ps2- questions

hello lads,
i have a few questions first of all: how can you see which model of ps2 you have?
second of all: when i copy a ps2- game on a dvd-r or dvd+r(what’s the difference?) can i then play it on my ps2. I don’t have a mod-chip…

Hope you guys can help me but i’m confident in this, thx a lot

If its one of these numbers its version 7 (Models 39001 & 39002 & 39003 ) Number will be found on back of consol as for other versions im not so sure as there are different ways to identify them. also depending on which country you are from.
Also you will need to get a modchip as this is in my opinion the best way to play imports\backups. other methods are a waste of time…
Also for ps2 best to use dvd-r as its more compatible with your consol