PS2 problem




OK, when i make a custom disc of guitar hero and burn the ISO exactly as it should be done, when i swap it in my playstation it would let me play it but when i took it out and tried it later it would not let me play my custom guitar hero anymore, so my ps2 only lets me play a custom guitar hero disc once. Is there something i did wrong, something i did not change before i burned the file.

I am using an American ps2 (fat) with a slide tool. I am also using Sony DVD-r if that helps at all and using alcohol 120 to burn the ISO file. Is there a patch or something that you have to put on this disc or something before you burn it. It only seems to do this with guitar hero and i don’t know why. Please let me know if there is a fix to this.


well in general it might not be a bad idea to burn those discs at a slower speed like 8x or use Verbatim media with 8x burning speed.

just some thoughts :wink: