PS2 power on then off after being modded. Magic 3.2 V9

I just purchased a magic 3.2 with a soldering iron (died in less than 2 days…) and for some reason it turns on for a second and then off. Does this mean i have a short somewhere where I soldered? Or did I fry a system component?

Probably a burnt fuse. I do not exactly remember which fuse, but repaired a machine just a few weeks ago with the same syndrome.

regards, Stephen

Thanx for the info. I might be going back to cybershop to return a soldering iron I bought (complete junk, tip on it was massive…Should’ve taken a closer look before I bought it…He brought it from the back lmao! and it didn’t even last 2 days…dead.). Would you happen to know a good canadian/american site with reasonable prices for a soldering iron with a exrtremely fine tip + stand along with a good desoldering pump? The exact condition of my ps2 is it turns off right after i turn it on. The screen flashes black. The red standby led is still lit when the power switch is on and i recieve a shock when I touch the power supply, lol! So there is power going to it. To it be a short on the board somwhere I soldered at? I dunno i just want to get this problem solved and over with. Also would really appreciate some info on a place where I can buy spare parts for the ps2.

Yes, the syndrome is that the red light is on and when you turn the machine on with any button (eject or reset) then the PS2 turns itself off after a second. This is as I said a dead fuse which is not that a big problem. As far as I can remember it was the fuse marked as PS3. Here is a link ( ) the fuses you should check are marked with the red circle. For more help regarding the soldering iron you might visit

regards, Stephen

Is there a noob guide out there that states the variables of each fuse from a mutlimeter? I’m not totally sure. Don’t do much in this area. I set the meter to 200 ohms and got a reading of 0.8 for all fuses on the board. Are they good, or did i test it wrong?

Oops, and did you also measure the BIOS legs aswell ? The method you used is ok, so seems the fuses are ok. Then you have to go on and check the BIOS legs for shorts, that used to be the other reason why this happens.

regards, Stephen

I just checked and closer and seen a few shorts lol… I suck at soldering lmao…
But hey the tip on the iron was massive…
just those four pins are so freakn hard to solder and not short out at the same time.
I probly wont be able to fix this for a while as i need a desoldering pump (cant seem to find 1) and a new iron with an extremely long thin point. I might end up trying the braid crap. havent used that b4… Know of any good sites for irons? I seen an antex one with a 1/32th point but will end up costin me like $40.00 from the uk…

I’m running into this same problem after installing a EZI DMS3 chip. Was working and then all of a sudden this problem. I can see the fuses your talking about but how do you test them. And if they are bad how and where do you get replacement fuses for this board (or something comparable that works).

You said that it could be the bios was not connected properly too, I guess i can try to reseat it.

Anything else that causes this problem?


First I’d check the fuses. You have to use a multimeter. As said, it can be an easy fuse problem, but some serious problems aswell. Googling for ps2 parts will show you some sites that sell parts/fuses, I do not wanna name any.

regards, Stephen