PS2 Picture Quality



I have a PS2 and noted that some games flicker like shadow of rome, soul reaver 2 the opening screen. What is the reason and how can it be adjusted?? I currently play on a 32" grundig cathode ray tube (normal tv)


How is it hooked up to your TV (ie RFU cable, RCA, S-Video)?


Could be that your standard definiton got messed around with?

Do you have a modchip?

If so try,

look in settings for:

Green Fix: change to Disable
Color Correction and Macrovision Fix: change to Disable
If the modchip has a setting for PAL or NTSC, make sure the appropriate setting is enabled

Are the games imports?

If so try a PS2 NTSC to PAL converter or the other way around… a y-fix is needed

The other very unfortunate possibility is a damaged/coroded laser.

Hope this helps,


I seen this on [B]alot of tvs and playstations[/B]. A friend told me that most probably a computer perfect image can be produced only on a lcd tv or plasma due to high resolution ,and the flickering is not on all games. My games are all PAL.


super vhs connection