Ps2 patching 2

First of all, I own the original game.
Second I already have a mod chip, however in order for a PAL game to run properly on a NTSC console it needs to be “patched” so to say modified to be read correctly through the different imaging system.
If anybody can tell me how to patch an image file made with clone cd (ie which image file shall I patch) I’d really appreciate.

In order to patch a ps2(also psx)game you need to have a make a cue/bin image then patch the image with ppf o matic 3 (click and point a child can do it)and the patch for the game to want back up then burn the game thats it.

Same question here, you could have replied in that instead of starting a new thread:

Even when you own the original it is not legal to patch it and thus modifying the software. You can read more in that in several legal discussions held on this forum.

I would not post on or request for illegal activities on this forum, unless you want CD Freaks to get in trouble…and I can assure you that getting CD Freaks in trouble would piss of a whole lot of people :wink: