Ps2 now hard to back up!

i have just got gran turisimo 4 and like most if not all my games i back them up (nero 1 to 1 copy)but unlike a movie(using dvd shrink) i cannot get a 5.7gb
ps2 game onto a 4.7 gb disc, has anyone any thoughts? ideas?
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get dual layer technology maybe?

I read in a different thread that it wasn’t possible at present. I don’t have a PS2 so i can’t go any further than what I had read.

got a dual layer drive (freecom -/+ 16+ double layer ) but have not tried that yet
does a ps2 read dual layer discs?

Dont know much about PS2 backups, but I would assume it would as there are no single layer discs that hold that much.

DVD+DL with BitSetting set to DVD-ROM is probably your best bet.

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Of course it can read dual-layer discs! It plays DVD movies, which are usually dual-layer.

I have posted a couple times on this already. And as of right now there is no way to copy this at the moment. There are several people currently working on this right now. In the past there has been some speculations that the fix would have already been released but it has not as of yet. I am one that is looking forward to this fix.

At first people were assuming that the problem was with PTP/OTP but that sounds like that is not the problem but anyways Team Toxic is working on it. and my understanding is that they are very close

I have tried several times and wasted many disk. If you are to try to make a copy it will start but quickly fail. There has been other people that have reported makeing a back up of it but they have to use the original everytime they have to change a race or go into the garage…pretty much evertime the PS2 has to load something new…thus being useless of having a back up copy because you are using the original more then you would just by sticking it in and playing it.

Rest assured when I see something on it I will post it in the Console Forum under Standalone Device forum

Here is a quote from and for more look at

DVD9 games on DVD+r dl now playable, including GT4

  • by Dv8 On Mar 14, 2005 - 6:00 AM
    Up until now, it has been impossible to play DVD9 backups placed on dual-layer DVD+r media due to the different physical format of the data on the disc… Pressed = PTP, DVD+r = OTP

However, “Team Toxic” has discovered a software hack which enables DVD9 games to load from DVD+r dl media.

This also means Gran Turismo 4 is also playable on DVD+r dl media for the first time, including all other DVD9 games.

The Toxic flash release for DMS4 coming up in the next few days will include DVD+r dl auto-patching to apply this software hack on the fly, making DMS4 the first modchip to fully support DVD+r dl media.

Following that will be a DVD+r dl image patcher which will apply the soft hack to any DVD9 image before you burn to dl, which will let you play the games using any modchip… That’s “Team Toxic’s” gift to the scene.

Nice post rfjr23 i have also been searching on a daily basis for the software patch that is going to be released for other modchips apart from the DMS chips which will be updated to fix this anyway.
Good of team toxic to let the patch go for other modchips as well…