PS2 Neo & GS2 Dumb Question

Please forgive this newbie for what is probably a dumb question, but…

I have been reading about making PS2 backups and using a GS2 to boot the backup at
and I understand the process. No problem here - I have made backups of my PS1 games and they work fine in my chipped PS1. I realize that PS2 backups are a bit more complicated, but the copying is not what I question.

Then I started to research putting a NEO 2.2 modchip in my PS2. No problem there either - I chipped my PS1, so the soldering didn’t scare me. It is the utility of having a NEO modchip that I question. According to the NEO chip ad at Chipzone:
I will still need to have a GS2 to boot my PS2 backups (not for PS1 though). What does having a NEO mod chip in my PS2 add? Is it the utility of not having to play with the cam to put new disks in, or am I missing the point entirely? Thanks in advance.

Well, basically if you chip your PS2 then you don’t have to specially patch every one of your burned discs and you don’t need a swap trick such as “Cog” or “Knife” trick which physically require you to force the CD-Rom out.

With a modded PS2, you start up the GS2, PUSH eject button, put in your copy, and press “Play without cheats.” Its much easier and faster.

Thank you. I figured it was the utility of not having to force open the drive door with some physical trick. I meant cog, not cam - sorry about that. I was not looking forward to removing the front door or having my kids try that trick. Looks a NEO is the best way to go. Thanks again for the help.