PS2 most played console in 2008



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Despite the newer next-generation video game consoles available today, the Sony PlayStation 2 remains the most used console, the latest Nielsen Media Research study reports.
The PS2 takes up…

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2009 most played console = Nintendo Wii ?


That’s one huge fanbase for Sony and something tells me they won’t go for the Wii or the Xbox 360 once they are really done with their PS2.


I don’t think the Wii will be the most played console. They sellout, but its not to hardcore gamers, its too casual gamers. People who don’t play games as much, nor purchase alot of games. Nintendo’s business model is to make money off the units themselves. The 360’s is to make money off the games, and I’m not sure what the ps3’s model is. Regardless I think since the Wii is use for casual use, it’d have a hard time chewing aways at the massive hours hardcore gamers play.