PS2 modchips

I have a PS2 version 3 and a DVD+R/RW burner and I would really like to play PS2 backups. What modchip/device would i need to play these DVD+R backups? Also is there a place where i could send in my PS2 to be modded for me?


The DMS3 is considered the dogs danglies but it all depends what you want the mod chip to do as hburrows83 said in what country are you and we should be able to help you better. Also do you want a soldier chip(better compatibilty but voids warranty shouldn’t be a problem if your on a ver3 PS2) or a plug in boot swap dongle or similiar (not as good some problems playing certain backups without patching / tweaking your backups)

The easiest way for you to get what you are looking for will be to go to go to no soder modchip and order that one like i said it is the easiest not the best but easiest. the down side is that you will have to use a bootable disk like a game shark. what it is doing is interupting the boot process. you will have to know your model number which is on back in top left corner. you need to know if you need v4,5,6,7 Cost of chip is $39 US and shipping is around 2 or 3 dollars for normal mail or 15 for ups. Then all you need is Nero 6 better if updated version and just copy disk(dvd format of course). I find that TDK + or - work about 19 out of 20 times. There are other options but like everyone else said what country unless you can soder good but dont screw up or its gone. any further question just pm me


buy a dms3 same that i got …
i had no problem with it