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2 PS2 modchips are apparently out that allow PS2 backups to be played. sells an 8-wire model that claims to be stable, while…

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Stavros; that’s not the same as the method used by the guys described in the article, with this chip you don’t have to swap (like a mod’ed PSX)

Lik-sang says it’s not a swap trick and that you don’t need any original CD to swap with!!!

i build a psx modchip in a psx2 and it works perfect for over 7 weeks now
now i can play psx backups and psx2 backups
and only 3 wire and 1 link
LIK-SANG HA HA lik this
greetings to PDX and CAPCOM

I know this one: It ejects an original (utility)CD and you have to replace it with the copy.


  1. You’ll still need the Paradox cracks
  2. The CD is spinning when it is ejected!

Grabbed from the Lik-Sang page:

The process of playing the games looks as follows:

(a) Insert original PS2 game or the Utility Disc.

(b) The PS2 will begin to load and will automatically open the Door.

© Now you have 3 seconds to change the Disc, after this it will automatically close the CD-Door again.

(d) It will now play the Game.

In their newsletter they sent via email (I bought stuff there more than a year ago) it says: You don’t need the ORIGINAL gameCD to boot, but you still need a PS2-CD to boot (the utility-CD will do)

PS. Why the hell are the messages in a random order and isn’t the last meesage on the bottom anymore?

werner I put a new crystal in my PSX-2 over 6 weeks ago and now I can use it as a radio. I didn’t need any wires!