PS2 Modchip

I have a modded PS2 with 12 backup games. The chip I have requires you to put in a real PS2 disc and swap it for a backup. The tray automatically opens so I can put the backup in, and also closes automatically. Has anyone seen a chip where you do not have to swap discs? I’m getting tired of swapping them everytime I want to play a game. Thanks for your help.

lik-sang’s chip claims to do just that. They also say to watch out for other PS2 chips to claim to do the same thing. I’ve heard a few good things about them. Check them out at

I just found out that none of the modchips out for the PS2 do what I hope. All of them need the swap trick to play a backup. Don’t get tricked by what Lik-sang is trying to say (quote from Lik-sang website):

  • the original PS2 game disc will not be required for the booting process

This will misdirect allot of people. They are talking about the orignal game disc which you have a backup to. You still need an original PS2 disc to preform a swap trick with their chip. They should take that quote out from their website.