Ps2 modchip "help"

I have my PS2 moded and it has been working great, but now all of a sudden when I go to boot of the boot disk(swap magic no soder chip from it does not pull the disk back in> It works fine whith original games but when I use a Back up it tells me to hold the eject button in untill green light turns orange and then swap disk. in the past it normally re inserts itself and starts normally now it will not…what do i need to do…


maybe your no solder modchip went out. try finding someone else with a similar version of your ps2 and put the mod chip in it. if it work in the other ps2 then something is wrong with your console. if it doesn’t then something is wrong with the modchip. if all else fails try sweet talking to your ps2. if that doesn’t work a sledge hammer can fix anything. lol

theres some good tuts over at modchip-store hope it helps :slight_smile: