PS2 Mod

I want to mod my PS2 without doing major work on it… would just having swap magic discs and having the cover off and do it as if it had a fliptop but just take off the drive cover when the disc says insert backup/import disc work the same?? I dont really care what happens to my ps2 since im getting a ps3 anyway (although that looks more difficult to mod) either way would that work that if i just leave off the cover and use swap magic?? Thanks.


go here for modding supplies and premodded consoles…

Funny how you show up on this forum and make only 2 posts that are exactly the same thing. Anyways @the original post, I agree that it would be better to ditch the swap magic (horribly outdated anyways) and go with the HDloader/HDAdvance method. Lets you load and run games straight from a computer HD without a modchip. The problem with the swap magic discs is that there is always a growing list of games that will require another program (ie multiple swaps) or you have to wait quite a while for a decent patch to come out before it will work. The Swap Magic discs are outdated as soon as they come out.