Ps2 mod dilemma

can somebody please help me? i just got a ps2 & would love to mod it. i kinda screwed up my psx w/ the solder the first try and i dont want to f this one up (cuz i dont have another $300) so im thinking of a usb hook-up my ps2 is ver.5, whats the best way for me to go & what version gs2 will i need? -------also ive been reading all the boot directions put in gs2 turn on power, etc. they all say go to without codes, can i not use the codes on burned games then?

I have read some about the usb mod. I think it has a single wire to hookup instead the 8 or so on the Neo mods. I personally used the NEO and gameshark. I am not for sure but think that you may need a version 1.9 GS for the version 5 ps2. I am thinking of buyin another ps2 version 4 or trading my version 2 to my little brother and getting one the 40 wire modchips so dont have to do all the swapping I just have to sit for hours soldering.

And I have played my games with codes with the GS so I dont know why you cant.