PS2 mod chip trouble

Hi, i recently modded my ps2 with a :a duo2 chip :a . all my originals play but i cant seem to get any backups to work. I tried dvd decrypter, cdrwin, nero, alcohol 120 all with different media and settings and no sucess. I get a disk read error sometimes. Other times it waits a second, goes to the browse menu and only shows a memory card then goes to the insert ps2 or psx disk screen. im sure its installed right. I have 1 working backup that is the incredibles and it works great but my friend made it. He used dvd decrypter. i took that dvd and made a copy of his backup with dvd decrypter and that wouldnt play. i can boot it with the good backup and once it loads, it can use my dvd. Also, if i bought a gameshark 2 would that let me boot my backups? Thanks

Are you sure you soldered the chip in correctly?

Have you tried burning at lowest speed possible? Older PS2’s have problems with new media, so stick with dvd-r.

When using dvd decrypter, are you first selecting “mode”, “ISO” and “read” and after it has read the disk, “mode,” “iso” and then “write” to copy the original?

Friend of mine has a modded PS2 also and i can tell you they are VERY picky about the media.If that doesnt work then maybe you installed it wrong.

hey nevermind, i got them to play using dvd+r.
very wierd since its a v1 or v2. Thanks anyways guys.

although it still wont play and cdr backups or dvd rips on cdrs. and dvds are expensive.

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