Ps2 mdf. or iso

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I have a game in format mdf. format .
Do i need it to convert it into ISO or should i let the mdf. file burn
to dvd-R disc ? cos i tried with a game NEO CONTRA it was mdf file, i converted it into iso and burned with imgburn but the ps2 says : CANNOT READ DISK … disc r TDK mark.

Now i’m doing for DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 EMPIRES so …

I use imgburn as program so …

I have a matrix infinitif chip in my ps2.

Thnx in advance :clap:

Which program did you use to create the file? You can use the same for burning :wink:

i use imgburn, :doh:
BUT my question was, does it matter if i burn MDF. file in DVD-R or do i have to convert it first into ISO and then burn ??
Can Ps2 run MDF. file or only ISO ??

Cos i tried before with a game and it didnt worked as i converted it into ISO.
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So any advices …

you dont burn ISO and MDF file directly on the disc. ISO and MDF files are image of a disc and contain all the files that are on the original disc. to burn ISO or MDF you have to select “burn image” option in the burning software and then select the image file. You can use Imgburn to burn those image files to disc.

ImgBurn can not create mdf files.

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I’ve read it and your last one too. All that stuff only tells me one thing:

You have illegally downloaded the game, else you would know that ImgBurn can not create .mdf files and you would also know which application you have to use to burn the image file.

So any advices …

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