PS2 Magic modchip

Ok guys, first time poster here. I have been wanting to mod my PS2 (I know, I am living in 2001). I have been reading a few threads on here, as this forum seems to have some very knowledgable users. I have a few questions though.

For starters, I have decided on the Magic 3.1 chip. I feel confident my soldering skills are good enough, and the PS2 is old as crap anyway. So I’m not too concerned if something goes wrong. But that brings me to issue 1. I have read that the old lasers don’t work too well. I actually brought this PS2 to Iraq with me in 2003, so it has been through a lot. What are the odds of it not being able to play anything?? Is it worth trying??

Also, this is the site I want to buy from:

Do they look good?? Any better suggestions?? Thanks for the help!!

I tried modding a ps2 recently, it was a fairly old model. I hadn’t used it in a few months but assumed it was working before trying the mod (it might not have been, was stupid of me not to test). After installing the chip I was able to boot into the browser screen, however, the disk was not reading. I assume it was a laser issue, since it is quite common for the lasers to go bad. I was going to try and by a new laser and see if I could get it working, I just haven’t had the time to do it. (plus the lasers are about $50)

My advice is if that if you don’t care too much about the playstation and are willing to take a chance: go for it. However, if you are concerned about ruining your ps2 then don’t. Realize that there is high risk when installing these mod chips. The soldering points are very small. Takes a good eye and a steady eye.

Yeah, the PS2 isn’t really worth much. I just used it today for the 1st time in years. The tray wouldn’t eject. I had to tear it apart and fix it (which is sorta what got me wanting to try this), and even now it doesn’t really open and close all too well. So I don’t care too much about ruining it.

On the other hand though, the fact that it’s in such poor shape, doesn’t make me too confident it’ll work.

But hey, it’s only $20 I guess. I suppose that’s worth a try

Definitely make sure that it playes before you do any chip modding. If you don’t and it doesn’t work when you are done you are not going to be sure if you “broke” the ps2 or if it was already not working (before the chip install). Like I said earlier, some of them solder points are pretty small. Definitely look at some of those diagrams before you buy the chip.

Magic 3.1 ? Are you kidding ? One of the worst chips ever. It’s a 4 years old design, with a lot of bugs. Not to mention it requires much more wires than any good and cheap stuff. Go for the Duo2GT, costs 5 bucks and way easier to solder and is much more reliable. Test the PS2 with burnt DVD movies, if the playback is fine, then test some chapter skipping if everything works fine, then your laser is ok.

regards, Stephen

Ok, that isn’t on the site I was looking at. Why not the duo3 then though?? What are the advantages between the duo2gt and duo3??

I’ll test the laser out tonight. Thanks!!

As in an old machine the Duo3 offers nothing more than an old GT. And then the GT costs a way less. :slight_smile: Both the Duo2, GT, 3 and others are based on the FREE iCE code. The newer Duo3 works on the Slimline PSTwo’s aswell, while the GT’s work from V1 - V11. I cannot tell that much difference, if you’re looking for more stable/decent/upgradeable chips then you have to spend much much more, but there are a few choices then aswell. Matrix Infinity, DMS, Crystal, Ghost, O2, just to name a few

regards, Stephen