PS2 Games

The past week i just got my new vaio laptop which possess’s a dvd burner…

Here lies the question: Using Memorex DVD+R’s… can i just burn and have my ps2 read them?

I Burnt Bruce Almighty Last night and it played fine thru the ps2.

Is this possible??

Have you read the forum rules?

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Discussion of warez is not allowed.

all i wanted to know is if i can backup a dvd and not need a modchip, can i back up a ps2 game w/o a modchip?!

Yes and no.
You can backup PS2 games but to be able to play them your PS2 will need a modchip or similair device installed.
Hope this helps

whats a good and cheap mod… i’ve seen disc swaps… i don’t like the idea of voiding my warranty… but if need so… whats a decent?

Thats a hard one as unlike the PSX there’s that many chips to choose from but if you want all the bells and whistles then I’d go for the DMS chip or a Messiah chip both will void your warranty.

I edited your first post to remove the warez issue. I will let the rest of the thread stand as it has gone onto ModChips. No more warez posts please.

sorry and thanks

geta messiah 2. I got the messiah 1 and it was well worth the risk (and price, although a bit dear).

The guy who chipped mine does loads of chippings and is really experienced, and he gurantees that it wont mess up ur system. (he’ll replace anything he messed up). try to find a similar person near u