Ps2 Games

Hi…I’ve just purchsed my kids for xmas a PS2 . I have also purchased 3 games and would like to make some backup copies as my kids have a habit of breaking things…particularly CD’S.

Thus my question is this. I have a Liteon 48x CD burner + a 40x CD Rom. I do not have a DVD Rom or DVD Burner.

  1. Is there anyway to make backup copies of these games ( i notice at the back of the game case for PS2 it says DVD Rom) with my hardware?

  2. If I cannot make backup copies of these games do I have to purchase a DVD burner or can I get away with a DVD Rom and just make backup copies on my Liteon 48x CD burner and using Alchohol 120%?

Thanks to anyone answering!

as the “dvd-rom” implies, u won’t be able to copy and burn dvd-rom games with anything less than a dvd burner. on top of this, there are two additional issues u’ll need to concern urself with:

  1. in order to play copied ps2 games, u’ll need to install a modchip (or have one installed) into ur ps2.

  2. u won’t be able to copy dual-layered/dvd-9 ps2 games, at least not with current dvd burners.

Thank you AZImmortal. I have just had the Messiah 2 chip installed in the PS2 so at least that problem is sorted out.

Can you please inform me about the “dual-layered/dvd-9 ps2 games”

What are they and can I tell they are “Duel layered” before I purchase them.

Thanks again!

A lot of the earlier PS2 games are able to be burnt to CD - search google for this.

You’ll need a DVD-ROM drive to rip them though, so it’s probably worth it to just go out and buy a DVDwriter.