PS2 games PAL to NTSC

I have a Japanese Import game, my PS2 is modified, the game loads. But because the game is PAL, it can’t display properly on my TV. Can I somehow convert this game to NTSC? Is there any PAL to NTSC converter that I can buy so I can play this game? Thanks.

which chip do you have?

I have No solder w/Swap magic, version 6 PS2. I can play the game. But the screen flickers and no color, because it’s PAL. I need to convert the game to NTSC or I need to convert the PAL video output to NTSC. Thanks.

I would also like to know if you can convert a PS2 PAL game to NTSC?

There are no Japanese games in PAL they are NTSC, so sounds like someone pached the game w/ a “pal fix”.

There was an NTSC/PAL bootcd you burned for PSX but not PS2, you can get an HDTV like I have and there is no more worry about NTSC and PAL - or look for an NTSC patch.

If the NTSC Japanese game was patched to PAL there may not be an easy way to convert it back, used to have patches not sure if they still do.

an easy way is to buy a pal to ntsc converter its a simple little box that converts your signal really simple stuff you can find some cheap ones in ebay!!!:smiley: