PS2 Game back up problems


I was wondering, how do you make a copy of a ps2 game that works? I have tried before even with the mod chip and still it will not play. I have tried making copies of the game with all different types of DVD/CD copiers and still the same result, I even tried to make a ISO image and burn it to a disc. Is there something i am missing or not doing right please let me know.

Not particularly difficult for cd and single layer dvd ps2 games but you must have a functioning mod-chip or other boot method.

If it’s a cd you must have a reading/writing combination that is fully dao96 capable. Then just read and write with alcohol using Playstation 2 datatype settings.

If it’s a single layer dvd, use ImgBurn to read in iso read mode and then burn with ImgBurn with iso write mode.

In either case, make sure that you use good quality cd or dvd blanks; Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are recommended by most of our members.

There’s plenty of guides and answers over at

I have a mod chip and i think some of the games are dual layer. Most of the games are DVD’s.

I meant to say single layer, sorry