Ps2 game 2 computer game

my ps2 is kinda crazy so i would like to ask if any one know how to convert a ps2 game into a computer game. useing a ps2 emulator to play the gaem is fine with me. thankz:bow:

I take it you mean make a PS2 game into a PC game.

Well all you need to do is get the source code, translate it to x86, re-write all graphical parts to Direct X and get it to save onto hard disc and not to memory card:bigsmile:

In other words, you can’t really.

No, he means ripping a PS2 Image onto a computer and playing it on a PS2 Emulator.:slight_smile:

ps2 emulators are still in their infancy. unless you like not being able to get past a title screen or having it lock 1/2 second into the game with distorted graphics, then i would not recommend it.

personally if i ever look for information about emulators for any system i goto (no there are no rom images or anything illegal on that site)

Currently your better off running it on your ps2

can i posibly have the file on any other link than the one on the post