PS2 Experiment?!?!

Hello all,
I want to mod my ps2 but I do not want to mess with the inside at all. My idea is to get a hard drive for it and once the drive is formated to the fat32 system by the ps2 and partioned how ever the ps2 partitions its drive and removing it and connecting it to my IDE chain in my home pc.

1st question: will windows try to reform it when I put it in or will the PS2 when I re connect it to the ps2.

And when its conected I Plan to load a lot of stuff
1.Snes Rom collection with a ps2 emulator
2.The PS2 Linux distro(If I can find it)
3.Hard disc loader

2nd question:will I be able to just keep the HD loader on the drive and not to
have the disc around

  1. A couple of Game Iso

3rd question: Will a HD loader Put the games into its own format or would it read a directory format(If anyone has a specific type of hard disc loader a Name or link would be great)

And after that it should be smooth sailing, or atleast thats all the problems Ive thought out so far. any help would be greatly apreciated :bow:

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of research to do.