PS2 Emulator

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I don’t think there will be a PS2 emulator for quite a while.

Here’s why:

If you emulate a console, your computer has to be ~10 faster than the machine. For example, to emulate a 30Mhz PS1, you need 300Mhz computer or faster. That is because first your processor has to translate video instructions. Then sound, CPU, RAM, and everything in that system. That is quite a load for one PC CPU!

Then there is HLE, High Level Emulation. HLE runs much faster because it is programmed to ignore most of the ROM’s or CD’s code, but the compatibility drops significantly. This is why UltraHLE doesn’t play too many games, but the games it plays - it plays very well.

Take into consideration the fact that consoles are becoming more complicated. It is quite easy to emulate a simple machine (CGB or NES). It is VERY HARD to emulate a more complicated machine (N64). Now imagine who would have the time or skills to emulate a PS2!!! Certainly not the home coder who works without pay!

If they paid a team of people a nice amount of cash, kind of like a job, they would certainly achieve PS2 emulation, but we have something called “Sony” and all their “lawsuits.” This is why no-one has the time or resources to program such emulators.

Personally, I don’t think we will have anything higher than N64 emulation. (I may be wrong, but that’s the way it seems)

Tnx for disclairment. HI :frowning: