Ps2 Dvd Files From H/d?

I got hold of an old game BURNOUT but it was damaged and some of the files would not copy, so I copied what I could to the H/D folder on my computer and added good files from an old rip.
Now I need to burn a PS2 DVD form the Hard Drive to boot on a PS2 CONSOLE tried a few programs with no sucssess ?
Any thoughts ?


Sorted it I used CD/DVD-ROM Generator version 1.50 and this update on the 1.20 version will let you make an image & burn it
to your DVD BURNER !



steve questoin …I always use record now to do ps2 but I seen you said something bout CD/DVD-ROM Generator version

wondered what it did for you images cause i never heard of this being used …just wondering what ya did and what it does and how you applied it