PS2 dvd copying problem



Hi there!!!

I am brand new here, so hi to all!

I am trying to make a copy of n4speed-underground1 for ps2, and everything seems to copy fine, except the ps2 machine does not read the disk at all… It has a brand new mod chip in it, and i was succesfull in copying GTA-Vice city and that copy works on the machine.
I am copy straight onto dvd-rw in case they don’t work, trying to save money!!! I am using dvd decrypter with the mode iso read first to burn to harddrive then mode iso burn to the dvd disks…
Any ideas on something else to try??? Oh yes using verbatim disks and writing at 4X


The way i see it you are using good media, nice burn speed, dvd decryptor (mode\iso\read and mode\iso\write) correct also and mobbed ps2 also good and you have burned other game which plays fine so that should rule out a dodgy modchip…
everything you are doing seems fine do you get any errors while reading\writing
and maybe you could try just a dvd-r instead of dvd-rw…


I used a ridata+r(ricohjpnR01) and mine work the only thing i did different was burn as slow as i can…so try slowing it down and see if that works


I dont think all PS2s can read +R, or RW DVD media, so I would try getting some good quality DVD-R media, and burning at 1 or 2x

Ben :slight_smile:


Ok thanks just gone out and bought dvd-r’s so will give that a try and see if it works instead of the dvd-rw’s…
Just seems weird that 3 other games work fine on dvd-rw’s that i have done???


I Wanted To Know Where I Con Get All The Programs So That I Can Copy Ps2 Games And Exactly What Hardware


use dvd decryptor which can be downloaded at (freeware) use mode iso read and then mode iso write

all you need to make back ups of ps2 games is a dvd burner but you have to have some kind of mod for the ps2 weather it be a chip, slide card or hd loader or advance