PS2 DVD backups

Does anyone know of any software that will allow backing up of PS2 DVD discs.

Just use Nero and select DVD Copy.

Thats it dude, there is no protection on PS2 DVD’s.

Unfortunately thats no longer true :a
They are now incorporating FADE protection into PS2 games.

i don’t know which titles have it but id image the ones who brought it into the market first will be using it [Codemasters]
so mayhaps there future games will have it on there

How do you know? And any games for example? What will this protection prevent? How can we identify it? Peace.

PSX Forums (another site) has listed that some games on it are soon to be using it, im not sure which ones yet, but since it has not been disabled on the PC games yet, it remains to be undefeated & if it does arise very soon on PS2 then people will be scrambling to find a fix.

From what i remember of the PC one (Operation Flashpoint) it started to take effect if you had

1)a poor cd backup copy
2)cd key clashed on the net

the question is how are they gonna change the protection to work on dvds…

Im thinking that its gonna probably check the boot code to see if its present. if not (which it never would be with commerical writers) Fade would be activated.

I just hope to god that they don’t bother with this protection to much.
Can’t live a day knowing my original is going to get nailed into the ground.

I do not think they will do this, because otherwise they would have done this on the PSX already and would not have introduced the stupid LibCrypt which is easily copyable by all writers that do Safedisk1 (virtually all).

And if there is no solution at all, at least the crackers will have some fun with it and smash it soon.
And, as a DVD-copy working only with a chip installed is a non-perfect copy anyway, why not crack the game?

Fade protection is already running on some games. For example LMA manager 2002 and it’s very hard to fix because is a strange code in the game. The effects: after 3 or 4 times that save your game, season starts again from the beginning, deleting all progress. Another example is a pool game in which if u play with copied game u see balls flying around the screen and u can’t play anymore. By the way as far as i know fade never arrived truly on pc cause operation flashpoint should have been the first one to be fade protected but no one could confirm tis info cause game works well to everyone. Just two more things: some ps2 dvd are protected like onimusha 2, that can be copied but it freezes after a short time of play. Second thing is that for now only codemaster owns this protection so very little chance to see this protection on other software house titles.

Primo DVD is the best choice to copy dvd.
Nero is still good

I really don’t understand how primodvd could be any better than Nero. I have 208 ps2 gamez of which over 130 are DVD’s. I do have Onimusha 2 but have barely played it and have experienced no problems. How can you confirm it has any protection? Besides PrimoDVD doesn’t support DVD+ standard of burning which is far superior to minus anyways. However there is Stomp Record Now Max which I’ve been told is the same as PrimoDVD. I have used nothing but Nero for DVD’s and they all work.

Originally posted by phatincome
I do have Onimusha 2 but have barely played it and have experienced no problems.

is this a DVD-R copy you are refering to?

It’s a DVD+R Verbatim burnt with Nero on a HP DVD200i drive. My PS2 is V7 with matrix2 chip.

Tell me how long I need to play this in order to test for lockups as you stated.


Me and a friend of mine have tried to make 2 copies of onimusha 2 pal from original dvd and it freezes when it comes to the language selection :frowning:
I really dunno what it could be
Tested on 2 different media and 2 different burners.

Mine is ntsc and no probs.

Maybe pal has some protection but not ntsc versions.

Hmmm it might seem logic that something is on the Pal version since the majority of Asia is a high piracy zone