PS2 DVD backups



I’ve a PS2 V9 with a DMS3+ modchip.
It plays PSx and PS2 CD backups perfectly. The PS2 also plays backups of DVD videos, but

since today I did not manage to run one single DVD backup, that I made of my originals (f.e. Rayman M, Shrek2).

For making backups I tried Alcohol120, instantcopy, Nero and Decrypter. The copying process itself works without problems. Only: my PS2 always tells me, that it wants a CD/DVD in PS2/PSx format.

Can anybody help me ?
Thanks in advance.




its maybe the media, are u using an other type of medias now?


Sounds like a possible laser issue - PS2s are notorious for wearing out lasers. Especially after playing a lot of copied discs! Have you checked your backups in a stand-alone player or your DVD-ROM?

It may also be an issue of poor media - what brand discs are you using?


thanks for reply.

I did not play much with copied backups (over all about 2 h; the modchip was installed about 2 weeks ago), so I don’t think it’s the laser.

I don’t understand what you mean with a stand-alone player. I checked the DVDs at the PC (all I can do is to look if there were the same folders and files as on the original DVD) and this was O.K.

I use TDK DVD-R.


What I meant was, a DVD player which is plugged directly to your TV & is solely for playing DVDs (as opposed to playing PS2 games or a computer DVD-ROM).

Did you actually try to play the DVDs in your computer’s DVD-ROM, or did you just browse the files on it? You’ll need software to play them, like Cyberlink PowerDVD or Intervideo WinDVD.


I think there is a misunderstanding.
I can play DVD movie backups on my PS2 perfectly. But I cannot play a DVD PS2 game on my PS2. I think (but I am not sure) it is a problem in my method copying the game DVDs. I’ve tried several programs to copy the game DVDs. I can see on the PC that on the backup DVD are the same files as on the original DVD. But the PS2 does not boot them, the PS2 tells me that the DVD is not a PS2/PSx format.


Then you have posted in the wrong forum - this is the “Transcoding Software” forum, which is for software designed to compress & re-author movie DVDs. You need the “Stand Alone Devices & Home Entertainment” forum.

You may find that for your problem, you either need to look at using different media (try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim), or you may yet have a laser problem (don’t be too quick to rule this out, as I said previously PS2s are notorious for this - even new machines). Have you tried playing these discs in another machine?

It could even be a chip issue - who installed it?



i tried installing a chip on mine. i’d say it worked 5% of the time, probably less. i’d say it’s a chip issue. get the new slide card method :slight_smile: