PS2 Duplicating Question

Can any burner duplicate ps2 games? and do you have to have a mod chip or whatever to play them? Please give me some information on this. thanks alot

PS2 discs are not encrypted, so you can use Nero or RecordNow amongst other to copy the discs. You have to have a way around the PS2 copy protection. Every time you open the tray, the PS2 checks the disc. There a couple ways around this. First is a mod chip. You can buy one and install it, most however require soldering skills, although there are some no solder modchips. Also you can buy pre-modded PS2s. Secondly you can get Swap Magic discs coupled with either a slide card (I wouldn’t recommend this solution as it may damage you PS2) or a fliptop. A fliptop replaces the cover on your PS2. It has a lid allowing you to replace the disc without openning the drawer.

Copying PS2 games is as easy as it gets. However, chipping a PS2 can be a pain in the arse. I don’t recommend doing it unless you are an experienced installer. Swap Magics are a non-solder alternative, however I don’t recommend them as they are more of a hassle in the long run than finding a reliable installer. Some games require multiple swaps, patching, ect. and as a whole I see more people having issues with getting games to work on setups that use swap magic.

I don’t find the Swap Magic discs to be a hassle at all. There are a few games that require to use CD loader first, but most of the games I’ve seen swap easily with the DVD loader.

It is not that big of a deal using the swap magic disk that is what i do (its not hard to install chip either)

But i would recomed the HDLoader first(i wish they had it when i moded my PS2)
here is a link

It may cost alittle bit but well worth it…no need for swap magic or backing up games just save strait to the hard drive and play…They actually load faster playing off the hard drive then the disk

and to answer your question about backing up a playstaon game no there is not a way to make an exact copy that is the pupose of using a mod chip

Hope this helps