Ps2 dual layer playback?

In regards to movie playback… not game backups

2 of my reliable, faithful dvd players got zapped during a really bad power surge a few months ago and i have been too lazy to go out and buy new ones. (I will buy in august before going off to college… they played nearly every format i through at them). But i just got lazy and began using my PS2 to play my dvd’s. It plays all of my DVD+R backups fine (i use Sony DVD+R w/ accucore blah blah - work great) but i was curious as to whether or not it will play Verbatim DVD+R DL backups… I would just try it, but i was curious, and the dvd’s are being shipped out from tomorro! thanks.

ps2 is non modded. i use clonedvd2, anydvd, and the burner in my sig. (everything is updated to most recent version)

What version of PS2 do you have?

I would’ve given it a go myself on my PS2 if DL discs weren’t so damn expensive!

I’ve been curious about this for a while now. I have some DL discs lying around which I was planning on using for DVD Video backups but I don’t want to waste the disc if it won’t play on my PS2.

My PS2 is a slim v14 by the way. It’s a bit of a dilemma.

I suppose that you could give it a go yourself and report here what happened.

Well just shipped… should be here before the end of the week. I will burn something good to a DL and report back!

my ps2 is the older one, (not slim) but i am too lazy to check the version atm… but once i report my findings i will accompany with ps2 v#.