PS2 Data Type settings?

I’m trying to back up one of my CD-based PS2 games, and I know to do so, I need to choose the PS2 data type. But there are no types to choose from, so I have to add one myself, only I don’t know the settings for the PS2 data type. I did a lot of searching on this forum, but didn’t come up with anything.

Thanks in advance.

try here:

That doesn’t help at all, as I’m not backing up a game of DVD format, but rather, and as I’ve said in my topic, a game of CD format.

then choose the Playstation2 Datatype same with burning to disc if possible burn as slowly as possible.

I can’t pick data type either- trying to backup PS2 DVD games.
It must matter, as none of my backups will work in the console.
Any ideas? Do I need the full version of Alcohol?