PS2 copy question

This program is hard to figure out. I used “clone” to copy a PS2 game as an iso file to DVDFAB/Temp/Clone/…“the game name”.
Then saved it.
Then I put a blank dvd in and switched to “Write Data”.
Then I went to “Source” and found the saved game in the directory I told you about. I clicked on the game’s name.
Then I went to Target. I clicked on “D” drive for my dvd-rom burner.
Then I put in a blank DVD+R.
Then I hit “Start” and nothing happened.
Nothing at all happens.
I used another program I have to burn the iso data to a dvd+R and tried it in the PS2 but it wouldn’t recognize it. (It was 3.89 gigs).
What do I do? There seem to be no instructions and it is very frustrating. The Source line does show my game that I’m trying to copy and my Target line does show my dvd-rom “D” Drive.
And if I need to modify my PS2, how exactly is that done? It’s my kids’ and I don’t know the first thing about it.
Thanks for any advice,

Hi brentazzzz and welcome to CDF,

I’m not sure if copying PS2 with with DVDFab works. But anyway, you need to modify the PS2 to make it possible to to play the game backups.

The best and most difficult way is to install a modchip in your PS2 but they are hard to find these days (at least here in Europe). Another way, which doesn’t require a hardware modification is the so called swap magic disc.

Regarding the copy software I can tell you that DVDDecrypter is the ultimate thing but you can also create your backups by simply copying the games with Nero.