Ps2 Copy Protection?



I’ll be short and sweet people. I just want to understand a stupid thing i’ve discovered. i recently bought my PS2 and i’ve been playing Copyed PIRATED Dvd’s. If u hate it sorry but i got no other choice. When i get a new DVD to ps2 what i do is check it on my PC DVD ROM, NERO CD SPEED - SCANDISC. today i bought NFS : UNDERGROUND and when i check it!! CDSPEED shows bad sectors in the DVD. but the weird part is PS2 plays the game very well, it doesn’t even struggle to read the disc… i don’t understand!!..

is it because PS2 DVD"S have copy protection ( even Pressed, pirated stuff ). Or i will get stuck in the middle of the game infuture?.. or PS2 can CO-OP with errors?..

PS2 doesn’t even struggle to read this DVD, just smooth as silk! but PC says it got bad sectors.
please help me!


You are correct, I hate pirated copies.

By advocating pirated copies and explicitly violating our forum rules, you may cause serious problems for CD Freaks, legal wise.

Because of this I am forced to close this topic and I expect you to refrain from this behaviour on our forum, or I will have to take more serious actions I do not like to take!