PS2 copies?

Does anyone know if CloneCD can make copies of Playstation 2 games? If so, would the PS2 still require a mod-chip? If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

Does CloneCD get updated as often as AnyDVD or CloneDVD?


Yes CloneCD can copy PS2 games - but you still need a mod chip or a boot disk to make the backup work.

Which is the better way to go between a mod chip or a boot disk??

You pay your moeny, you take your choice!! A good mod chip will be more expensive than the boot disk - and unless you have the skills to solder it yourself, it will be pricey to fit. - have a look here for the merits of mod chip v’s boot disk

Go for a modchip always over a boot disc …

Take my advice,making copies of ps2 games is a pain in the but at the best of times,the older games are easy but the newer ones are becoming a lot more difficult,some sony games are impossible,easy to copy but will never play,a lot of the games are now dual layer and even putting the copy on a dual layer disc does not work,the games people are becoming smarter.If you really have to do, it use a chipped machine,boot discs at best are only 60/65% sucessful,and please do not argue because after backing up nearly 395 games i should know.BTW i have now given up,PC games are easier.