Ps2 cd to dvd burning question?

ohiyoh, anyways i know u can bunr ps2 games on dvd by making them into iso format and not bins. But in my upgraded ps2 it won’t boot them up, is there anyway to do this

sorry wat i mean is that u can burn ps2 cd images to dvd-r by making sure they r iso, but they won’t boot, any ideas

It will never boot without having the PS2 unit chipped. If you search around in here you will find plenty about chipping.

ye smine is chipped, i am saying can i take a cd game and put it on a dvd will it sitll boot

That I’m not sure of, there are other forums on the net that discuss doing this and I don’t think cdfreaks has alot of info on it here. Just do a search for PS2 forums using say google and I’m sure you will find a better source of info on your question.

Check this post for a link on how to do this but if you are putting more than one cd onto dvd the success rate is not good…