PS2 - Can I Run NTSC Games?


I’m from Israel, which counts as European (PAL)
I have a PS2 with a chip and I wanna know if I can run NTSC games in it…
Will the chip be able to read the game, although my PS2 is European?
Will my T.V. be able to show NTSC games, and it won’t be damaged?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your ps2 can play NTSC games fine, your TV is a different question. Just check the manual if it accepts NTSC, or give it a try. It can’t damage the TV.

A PS2 with a mod-chip will have no difficulty with either an original or back-up copy in NTSC format.

Every mod-chip supports it?
About the TV - I will know it doesn’t support if it won’t show the game or there are other sings (as ticking)