Ps2 burns with Pioneer DVR-109(latest firmware)

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I am new to these forums and am curious on which media i should use for backing up my ps2 games. I have already tried Ridata DVD-R and Sony DVD-R. The Ridata seems to work on games like Dynasty Warriors and God of War, but when i try to burn FF10 or GTA the game locks up. Aside from locking up, the media seems noisy and also seems to wear out the laser. I was looking into Taiyo Yuden. Should I go with DVD-R+ or DVD-R- with my Pioneer DVR-109? Also, do you think that my noise problems and freezing problems will dissapear?

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PS(anyone interested in a verbatim deal…
thought i would share :slight_smile: )

Definitely DVD-R for the PS2. As a whole PS2s seem to get along better with DVD-R. Also which firmware revision do you have on your 109? Definitely ditch Ritek/Ridata as the media has taken quite the dive in quality. Sony DVD-R is a mixed bag. Some of the MIJ stuff is actually made by Taiyo Yuden so you might want to look into that before buying more media. What speed do you burn at?

Also remember GTA and others do load a lot. So when you have a little worn laser then reading problems (and lockups) may occur. And let’s not forget, GTA and some other games have serious problems with several low end budget chips (including Magic 3, its clones and some old iCE revisions) so some more info is needed, like your chip, ps2 version and the age of your machine would also be good to know.

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Also definetely no problems with +R booktyped to -ROM, tested on various ps2’s with no problems, as long as the media is of good quality.

I have the revision 1.58 on my Pioneer DVR-109. I have tryed mixed burning… it seemed better to burn at 8X rather than 4X when i tested it.

I am using the Ps2 Independence Day exploit on a ps2 SPH-30001(version 5). The machine is approximatly 1.5-2 years old.

*Update, I tryed backing up a newer game and got absolutly nothing on the screen… I will try to switch lasers and go with Taiyo Yuden when I get the money :doh: *


I finally got my hands on some Taiyo Yudens from Newegg. I also switched my laser with a newer v.5 laser.

I am proud to say burning at 8x on Pioneer DVR-109 works like a charm. All my backups play flawlessly now. I believe it was mostly the media, so if I have learned one thing it is this… DO NOT buy cheap media, only go for top of the notch media.

Thanks everyone that replied… It really helped.