Ps2 burning

i can not burn .gi files only .iso with prassi primoDVD 2.0
can you guys help me out??

yow ben2

you gotta gives these guys a lil more explanation

he’s an irl live m8 of me

we d/l several ps2 full dvd releases like the getaway xmen and james bond

first 2 are in .gi format james bond is in .iso format

the .iso format burning with his etup is going ok the game plays in his messiah console (version 4 board)

then we tried the getaway and xman with same setup the app says burn succesfull but the games doesnt play not even the playstation 2 logo.

we have the latest firmare on our burner

oh yeah when we make ourself an .gi image with prassi of an original that works

what could this be :confused: … please help :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx in advance:bow:

The problem could be that you are downloading them. Try buying the games! They usually work then.

thats not the point here i just wanna see our problem solved

Before you post read the RULES
This is illegal!
That is my point!

Yea Yea!!!