Ps2 Burned Game Display Problem!

well i been downloading for about 2 months so im not so newbi at it but i have a problem with the display i just download Fifa 09 (ps2 NTSC) and i burned it at 4x with nero ver 9.0 and when i play itwith Swap magic it loads ok but the screen is not in full view i can only see 3/4 of it and i tried with other games and some of them i dont have trouble and some of them i do. i was wondering where is a good site where i can donwload games as i think this is the problem and if there is a better program i can use to burn the dvd in a lower speed then 4x(nero doesn’t let me =) thanks for the help.

Fifa 09 is not available as a direct download for PS2, not to my knowledge. It is available from the official site as a download for PC.

We do not discuss copyright protected material that is downloaded without permission of the copyright holder, which usually means payment.

I am therefore closing this thread.

If you can show that you have downloaded this game legally, please send me a pm with that information, and I will reopen it. If not, you should read the rules of the forum before posting again.