PS2 Backups



Has someone managed to create reliable backups of PS2 DVD games with Pioneer DVR-109? :confused:

I’ve burnt two games @ 2x and my PS2 v4 struggles while trying to load them… but they actually work after 4 or 5 attempts (something pretty annoying). :Z

I’m using:

  • RecordNow Max 4.5 with PX engine DLL’s
  • Ritek G05 DVD-R
  • burn speed @ 2x
  • WinXP Pro SP2
  • Pioneer DVR-109 fw 1.09
  • PS2 v4 with Messiah 2

I didn’t have any problems using model DVR-108. Burns where perfect, but I sold it…

Please post any suggestions, configuration, settings, software, tips, and so on…



I have done a few that are fine.

I’m using:

  • Nero
  • Ritek G05 DVD-R
  • burn speed @ 8x-12x
  • WinXP Pro SP2
  • Pioneer DVR-109, flashed it to the A09 but did successfull burns before this.

Try burning faster on the Riteks. I did backup of Getaway Black Monday at 2x and everything was stuffed with it. Couldn’t load some parts of the city and failed. Copied at 8x and it was fine.


So if you have 8x (or higher) certified media, you should always burn at least at 4x to get the writing quality even on console backups? My DVR-108 did not let me burn lower, but my DVR-107 does. I always burnt them at 4x, I should go on, right? Would you say it produces a better burn than old 4x and lower media, especially on readers with sensible lenses such as the PS2 and when it’s a console game?

And would you say burning at higher speeds than 4x (like xabi did) would be worse for console DVD-R burns?


Yes, if you have 8x DVD-Rs don’t burn at 2x. It should be safe to burn them even higher then 4x. As I said mine are either between 8x or 12x on the 8x RITEK G05s and they have been successfull burns.


I burn both Xbox and PS2 games at what ever speed my drive test me.

But one question has anyone been able to copy GT4? I’ve tried to burn it to a dual layer disc as the game is a dvd9 disc but it wont play. I can’t find anything to help me reduce it to a dvd5, and copying it to my PS2 hard drive wont play the game either? can anyone help?


No one can do it yet. The problem is not protection or anything. It is that home dual layer burners do not yet have the ability to assign what goes on each layer(or the burning programs don’t). So when you take the image file of GT4 and go to burn it on the dual layer DVD it splits it 50/50 on each layer. So when the game loads the driver safely screen after that it goes to call up the 2nd layer but can’t find what it is looking for so fails.

What is needed is a program where u can actually assign what goes on each layer. But I don’t think there is a program that does that in existance yet.


what is the easiest way to let my PS2 use a game copy ? Add a chip i it ?



Yes, a chip is the easiest way to read a backup. Anyways, has anyone here tried the new V1.40 firmware update for the drive. It is supposed to fix issues with videogame backups.


Haven’t tried it yet mate. I didn’t have any problems with my PS2 games anyway with Nero


The Pioneer 109 cannot make good PS2 or X-Box backups on DVD-R using SAO writing strategy. Change to DVD+R or change your writing strategy.


I have had issues with the backup of Metal Gear Solid 3 that i made with my A06. Backud it up with Nero and then burned into the Verbatin +R 4x at 4x. It didn’t even booted on PS2… weird no?


Use -R. I never use +R.


DVD+R works for some and when bitset works even better although DVD-R is more compatible for older versions of ps2


I have other games burned on this batch of media an none of them were bad… Collin Mcrae 2005 works fine, GTA San Andrea also works fine and a few more… I’ll try to do it. I’m doing a copy dvd with nero 6. This is the way to do it right?


Every PS2 is different, and then again. Trial and error man! :wink:


Any reason why you are not updating to the latest firmware ??? (1.40…)


P00r is right. Update your firmware, try different media, software and speeds and see what works best.

Every system is different but trial and error is the best. :slight_smile:


I have a PS2 v4 and I’ve burnt many games which have all been successful. Also my friends v5 has had zero problems aswell. Used TYG02s aswell as shitty GSC003s. All work with zero qualms, altho watching a movie on some RICOHJPNRO2 DVD+Rs can be a lil skippy at some moments…


to copy most ps2 games, unless they are dvd9 or dual layer, is to use alcohol 120% makes perfect copy everytime just let alcohol deal with settings point, click and burn
happy burning


Dvddecrypter in ISO read write mode seems to do a good job for ripping and burning.