PS2 backups...using the wrong media?

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to PS2 backups. I have a PS2 version 1 with the Matrix Infinity v1.2 mod. The only things I’ve been able to play on this are original PS2/PS1 games, original DVD movies, and some of my PS1 backups. I’ve tried burning on 2X speed with my NEC ND-2500A w/ Herrie’s 1.07v2 beta 5 firmware on a Supermedia DVD-R 4X disk. I’ve also tried burning on 1X speed with my Pioneer A05 w/ Gradius / >NIL’s 1.33 firmware on an Onidtech DVD-R 4X disk. In both cases, I used DVD Decrypter to create/burn the ISO image of the original PS2 game.

Am I using the wrong media? Anyone else here have a version 1 PS2 that has successfully used DVD-R media (DVD movies and/or PS2 backups)? If so, which brand & media code did/do you use? Thanks!

i don’t know if this helps but i’ve been using nero 6 to burn and tdk 4x dvd+r media. i haven’t had a problem yet.

hate to break it, but version 1 PS2s have awful lasers. DVD backup media doen’t read very well in them. You could try cleaning the lens and the lens underneath the floating lens and see if it helps (but the lower lens is somewhat difficult to reach).

So will replacing the laser on my version 1 improve the reading? If so, can I use a version 10 laser on my version 1? Or can I tweak a couple of knobs on the motherboard to improve reading? Thanks!

I also chipped my ps2 and was told by the technician that the ps2 laser is kinda picky. Riteck, Ridata and Databank are recommended medias. Be sure to stay away from Princo 'cos it harms the laser. Hope it helps.

Hmmm…my chipper recommended Princo’s.

Well…my ps2 is ver 7. Maybe that is why the recommendation about medias is different. But why not give Riteks a try, it might turn out some good results.