I must be missing something, since no one else seems to bring this up. How do you get your computer to recognize PS2 discs? I put in FFX, since I wanted to see if I could actually back it up, and it doesn’t even recognize it. Is this something simple I’m missing?

ps2 wont play on the computer different format but you should be able to see the files…as for emulators i personally would not waste my time as they dont work…

Yup, unless you have a modded PS2 console then I wouldn’t bother. Anyways, all you need to is use a regular burning program (ie Nero, Alcohol 120%, Prassi, RNM) and read the disc to the HD and write back to DVDR. Then pop it in your PS2 console. Make sure you use quality media though. :wink:

thats my problem…i cant see the files. how do i get my computer to see them, and not a lack of a disc?

Is it a dvd based game or cd based game you are trying to read
If its dvd based you will need a dvd writer (most ps2 games are now dvd based) otherwise as you point out you wont be able to see any files…

yeah, make sure u know if ur reading a DVD or CD - it varies eg. i’m guessing FFX is DVD

FFX is dvd based so that looks like your problem intrepidus

you can mod your ps2 without a chip, its a boot cd and works just fine

ah, yes, that would be that dvd rom logo. oops. :confused:

thankfully, i have a broken xbox waiting at fedex, which i plan to rip the dvd from and toss it into my computer. the world will be good. :slight_smile: