Ps2 Backups/DVD Decrypter

Please can anyone offer any insight into the problem i’m having backing up ps2 games with DVD Decrypter?

I have only just started making my own back-ups using Decrypter and have run into a problem i can’t seem to get round. I have successfully made several back-ups that appear to work at first but degrade very quickly or even if very lightly scratched seem to stop working immediatly.

I have been told it could be down to the qualitly of the discs i’m using, but i have tried a couple of different brands including Panasonic and Memorex but still have the same results. If anyone can suggest a brand well known to work I would be very interested.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Regards - Ed

P.S. Don’t know if it makes any difference but my modchip is an up to date Infinity unit (sorry can’t remeber exact spec).

I’d get your contact in Thailand to send you better quality ones.

@Boydem: please read your PM and take note.

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