PS2 Backups and Swap Discs



I’m starting to backup my PS2 games, and am debating on whether to get an actual mod chip or go with a Swap Disc. From what I’ve read, mod chips work well, but does anybody know about Swap Discs and their compatibility?

By the way- this is a great forum. I haven’t been here too long and am just starting to realize how much i don’t know. :bigsmile:


From what I have heard, Mod chips work the best.
Swap discs are not that reliable…

Hope this helps


i agree with tax man … mod chip is the best way to go

when you do swap method …now a day you have to get special top and they have two cd’s u have to swap …some have just one and then you load the game …but u have to do this all while holding down i think play button I cant remember …I know it is some button …I just have a mod chip and backup using record now and I am on my way … that is it .