PS2 Backup

I’m new to CDFreaks forum and I need some help or advice.

I want to backup some PS2 games as the kids have a way of marking them up so they don’t play.

I have researched and experimented and am getting frustrated - and I also have about 10 coasters for my efforts so far.

I have the swap magic disks and can load them without any problems. But when I tried to copy a PS2 game using DVDfab 5 and play it I get “not a valid PS2 game”. I have various copy programs - alcohol 120%, Imgburn, dvd decrypter, clone dvd2, DVDfab5, etc.

I used alcohol 120% to try to copy using the “clone” option, but it would only get so far and then say “there was a problem with the writing” and aborted the copy. But at that point I believe the program had ripped the disk because it had written two files in the HD folder =

I am not sure where to go from here. I went out this morning and purchased some verbatim disks as they seem to be the recommended ones for PS2 copying. I had used Kodak and Staples brands before.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice I can get.


Finally got my own answer.

It was either bad media or a weak dvd writer.

I have 2 dvd writers - one being about 5 years old, the other a sony, fairly new.

I had previously used staples and kodak disks (not highly rated). I purchased verbatim 16X -r disks and, using alcohol 120%, and only the newer sony drive for reading and writing, I made a PS2 backup with out a hitch.
Inserted it in the PS2 after the swap magic disk had loaded and it played perfect.

Hope this might help someone else.