Ps2 backup

First of all hi everybody ! Like the forum say :we go at least once in a life time in the newbies section :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that this as been ask a million time but its probably simple for you to answer

I can’t run backup game correclty that’s my problem
games like gran turismo 3 load the sony entertainement thing but not the menu and other game don’t work too…

I got the old ps2 scph-50010/n
I resently bought swap magic 3.6 with slide tool
for burn process and iso process i use dvd decrypter
my burner is a LG GSA-4167B
my burn dvd are some inkjet white printable 8x
but i don’t know the name of the company its like no name…
i burn at 4x and i can’t go lower than 4x burn speed

i think that my problem is probably the media dvd (no name)

what do you think ?

thx for all this site is the best !!!

Sorry for my english i’m french from Quebec (that’s the bad version of the french language :P)

[quote=JulBG;1972875]i think that my problem is probably the media dvd (no name)[/quote]Well you could be right ;).

Download CD-DVD Speed, fire it up, put in a disc to your PC drive and tell us what the media ID is…

Well it said to me that the fabricant is optodisc…

i ran nero cd-dvd speed test

and there was a green line at 8x and yellow line at 4x ?

Please just give us the full text of the MID…

sorry its


OK can you save the Disc Quality test - scanned at 8x - and post the pic here.

Save as a .PNG file and attach to the post in the ‘Go Advanced’ button dialogue; scroll down the page and there’s a ‘Manage Attachments’ button…

here it is

sorry it’s in french

any answer ??

sorry for this

It’s all right !!
thx for your time you take to help me
the problem was my media i tried with a
Sony dvd-r
and it works !

thx a lot

see ya later