Ps2 backup with nero OK?

can i backup my ps/2 dvd games with nero and is’nt the libcrypt protection a problem ?


well first you need a mod chip in your ps2 and a dvd burner. Then i use record now 4.5 and get a working copy each time …

here is where i learned

just go to record now and right click and save as …this has worked for me

also …maybe just me I didnt have much luck with +R discs and ps2 …but -R discs worked … maybe it is just me though

guess glad i bought a + - dvd burner


libcrypt is only on ps1 games

with PROFILER i saw that security with those ps/2 dvd’s is still libcrypt !

yeah i know giovanni, -r is what most of the times works.

i am reading quite some negative things about this product.

is this wrong ???

yeah I found out hard way on - r

well I just can speak from expierence …I have never ran into a problem with record now but that is me and yes i have the newest version …always work good for me and my backups of ps2