PS2 Backup Video Problem

:a Ok, I am new at doing this but I have read quite a bit about it online. I have the Swap Magic 3.6 Disk and the flip top lid. I burned a backup of a game and it played fine except some of the second player controls werent functioning. Then I burned a backup of a ‘popular’ football game and part of the bottom of the screen was missing. This also happened on several other games. In anyones opinion, is this a problem with the copying or a problem with the burning software? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello just-me
Would be nice to know what your burner is, and what software you are using to do the backup with :confused:
For anyone to help you on this or any other issue(Problem) we need more information then what you are giving :frowning:
also let us know the brand name of the blank media you are using and if they are DVD-R or DVD+R.