Ps2 backup q's:

hi, im kinda new here and to ps2 lenses:

i want to backup my games to dvd media, but someone told me i shouldnt coz it will damaged my ps2 lens ( or it will wear down fast) is it true?
if not, what dvd media should i use? ( ive got a blank philips dvd+r, Ridata +r and vebatim dvd+r ) my ps2 is a slimline model 70006 and an asus burner.
( im kinda a worry wart, i dont want my ps2 damage because of some backing up) thanks

well first you will need a mod chip or swap magic. The copied disks wont work unless you have one of these.

I don’t think the laser will wear faster.
Also, just a recommendation, always burn DVD media at its rated speed (Exception: 16x media often performs better at 12x or even 8x, but 8x and 4x media should be burned at 8x and 4x, respectively)! The rumor that slow burning would be better or necessary is still existant.

Your PS2 should be able to play any of those blank +Rs you mentioned. You may even have some success with RW discs aswell.

From my experiences though, burning at slow speeds will help the PS2 lens.

I wonder how the lens is being helped by discs burned with bad quality…