PS2 backup problems

Hello all.
This is my first time here so please don’t flame me if this has already been discussed in an earlier post, couldn’t find one :confused:

I just bought a Nec 2510 yesterday and was happy :iagree:
The day before it i bought 2 Traxidata cased dvd-r 4x
Burned a ps2 game on one of them at my friends house with his Nec 1300, and it works perfectly on my ps2.
And now i installed the new dvd recorder in my comp and wanted to burn a ps2 game on the other dvd-r i had.
We both used the latest version of nero, and the same media. But mine just boots up, and comes to the ps2 logo that usually shows right before the game starts. But after that it’s just black, nothing happens. :rolleyes:
I would really be happy and thankfull if someone could help me with my problem here :bow:

comp setup:
(OS) Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, v.2055
(CPU) 1-AMD Athlonâ„¢ XP 2500+, 1829MHz, 512KB
(MB) NF7-S V2.0
(RAM) 512 DDR PC 3200

Emm, do you have a mod chip on your PS2?
A modchip is required in order to play backups.

I’m using Ripper 2 deluxe since i have a v9 pal machine.
Sorry forgot to mention that ^^;;

I never had much luck with nero and my ps2 backups. I have used RecordNow Max with great results.

Maybe you can try that?

I will try Recordnow Max when i get some new dvd’rs.
What i don’t get is that when i made backups at my friends house cause i didn’t own a dvd writer myself it worked perfectly on nero with 4x burning speed. But with my new burner not :confused: I use the original firmware, might that be why ?

I have the same writer and a v9 PS2 also and always found Alcohol and DVD Decrypter (yes when in ISO burning mode) work the best. I also had a ND-1100A before the ND-2510A and Nero was always a bit weird with PS2 backups.

I don’t know why it isn’t working for you, but you could try flashing the recently released 2.06 firmware to see if it makes any difference.

Why not just use Alcohol 120%
Then just select ps2 in the Datatype Dropdown box
Works like a champ

Thank you all for your advices =)
I will try the alcohol 120% program and try to find this ps2 option once i get ahold of new dvd-r’s.
I probably will later on today so i’ll write and tell you if it worked better or not.

Ok, since the stores are now closed my only option was to borrow princo dvds from my friend shrugs Before I’m going to try and burn I just wanted to check with you all, is there any windows updater to the firmware and what firmware is the best choise, and what about the warranty ? does it still affect the warranty if i flash with a firmware from nec themselves ?

Before you do any more you should know that Princo discs are usually not very good quality discs and are generally considered rather crappy.

The thread I linked to in my previous post has the only official Nec firmware update that I’m aware off available for the 2510A and their is a windows flasher.

You could also try Herries firmware’s but before doing that I would go get some good quality discs (e.g Verbatim) and try burning again with those.

Heh, I know princo isn’t the first choise of many ^^;;
But since all stores are closed and that was what my friend had left there wasn’t much choise. I’ll look at the link you posted before and see if i can find the right stuff :slight_smile:
Burning with princo wont damage anything else then the files burnet on the princo dvd right ? :o

Thank you everybody, i burned the game in alchohol with 2x speed instead of 4 and it worked like a charm, even with princo dvds o.0

What is better for movie backups on the ps2, as far a dvd±rw’s. I’ve got some fuju Flim dvd+rw’s 4X, media code RICOHJPN-W11-01. I backed up a couple movies on them and my ps2 won’t recognize then, I also tried cmc dvd+rw’s with no success. Does any one have success with dvd±rw’s on ps2 ? If so please post brand and or media code Thanks.

(The RW’s I backed up played great in my stand alone players)


don’t now if your burner is any good with this media as not got one but datasafe ritek -+go4 + set to dvd-rom is known to be tops for ps2 but usually any ritek work’s fine movie as well

Necnewbee their is a chance you might have an older PS2 that doesn’t recognise the DVD+RW format.

As far as my memory goes PS2 revisions work as follows:
Version 1-3 DVD-R/RW only
Version 4 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R
Version 5-10 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW

If your not sure you can check here what rev yours is

Maybee my burns are bad cause as far as I can tell I’ve got a version 7
model no:SCPH-39001. Thanks for the reply

ritek, ritek, ritek, like i said nothing but ritek, princo don’t even bother they may start playing but will soon enough start sticking been there tried them all and ritek are the best for ps2 used them for years and never had a problem same v.7 as you